Gene-O-Matic Splashscreen Gene-O-Matic is a simulator for genetic networks. In contrast to many of the simulation tools available today, Gene-O-Matic offers an intuitive graphical representation of the network to simulate. What is more, Gene-O-Matic is not restrained to single cells - it can also simulate interactions between moving and dividing cells! The genetic network can be used to control cell cycle and cell division. Therefore Gene-O-Matic is the ideal tool to simulate complex biological processes such as cell differentiation and embryonic development. The simulation algorithm is described in (Platzer and Meinzer, 2002).

 Caenorhabditis elegans - Embryonic Development

The nematode C. elegans is one of the model organsism in developmental biology. Its transparent egg shell and invariant cell lineage have made it an excellent object of study. Much is known about the genes that regulate early embryonic development and the differentiation of basic cell types. We have compiled a genetic network that consists of less than 20 proteins and RNAs and nonetheless is sufficient to correctly control cell type development in the worm embryo up to the 24-cell-stage. During this process, cell positions and intercellular contacts play an important role. Without them, worm development is disrupted as early as the four-cell-stage. The successful simulation with Gene-O-Matic therefore demonstrates convincingly the applicability of the tool to the simulation of very complex developmental processes. More details about this simulation can be found in (Platzer, 2003) and (Platzer and Meinzer, 2004).

 Caenorhabditis elegans - Vulval Development

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 Arabidobsis thaliana

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