Main program Data sets


All platforms
  • Download and install the Java3D extensions (Windows/Linux, Mac OS X). You don't need this if you don't use the 3-dimensional view during the simulation.
    For Windows: You should use the DirectX version as it may be more stable than the OpenGL version.
    For Linux: You may need to install the Mesa OpenGl library, as "real" OpenGl may not work with the Java3D.
  • Unpack the file. A directory Gene-O-Matic/ will be created.


Starting Gene-O-Matic
  • Change to the Gene-O-Matic/ directory.
  • For Linux and Mac OS X: use the command chmod +x to make the shell script executable if it isn't already.
  • Run the (Linux or Mac OS X) or Gene-O-Matic.bat (Windows) script from a command line to start the program (if the java executable is not in the path, you need to modify the script so that the java command is found).
Using Gene-O-Matic

Further information on the usage of Gene-O-Matic is available via the help menu or the "?" buttons in the program.

This version of Gene-O-Matic is delivered without a "database network". You may add your own database by drawing a network with Gene-O-Matic and storing it in the data/worm/ directory under the name genes.xnet.

(Please contact Ute Platzer for questions, errors or suggestions)